Part of my village of Sindiru
Part of my village
of Sindiru

One of the women tells me about the need for a grinding machine

The building for the grinding machine is almost complete. It will keep the machine secure.
Grinding Machine Building

The bore company arrive to start work
Bore Drilling

We are so happy! A bore hole that is close to where people are living.
Working Bore

Dear Friends,

I was in Africa in January 2015. The purpose of my trip was to put down two bore holes for the people of Sindiru village. One bore for the local people so that the women and the girls don't have to travel long distances to the well to collect water, and the second bore hole located near where the primary school is going to be built.

My journey took me through Uganda where I was in a refugee camp for over ten years. I went to the refugee camp and still found some refugees that I left behind over ten years ago. It was an emotional moment for me when I was in the camp especially when I went to the place I was residing in within the refugee camp.

After four days in Uganda I left by bus to South Sudan where my parents and my other siblings are living. It was a long journey that took me twelve hours to get to Juba the capital city of South Sudan. My mum and dad came from Sindiru village to wait for me in Juba. When I got to Juba and met my mum and dad for the first time in ten years, it was a fantastic reunion, it was like heaven and earth came together. Tears of joy were running down my mum's and my face too. We hugged each other again and again for a long time. It was a moment of joy, happiness and celebration. While in Juba we had a meeting with some people from Sindiru who live in Juba then the next day we travelled in a convoy of four vehicles to Sindiru for a general meeting. When we got to the village, the reception they offered me was extremely exciting. It is the type of welcome that is only reserved for either the president or the paramount chief of the village. Women, men, school children were drumming, singing to welcome me because finally according to one elderly woman, God has answered their prayers.

After the meeting, a group of women called me aside and asked me if possible before I leave for Australia could I provide them with a grinding machine. One of the women told me "Look at our hands we are tired grinding and using stones and sometimes we have to travel to Juba where you just came from, to use a grinding machine". I told them: "I cannot give you an answer right now. I have to ring my friends in Australia and see what they say and I will get back to you." Good enough, the treasurer of Ausudan Inc was able to send the money and a medium sized grinding machine was bought. Right now we have put down two bore holes and a grinding machine which is secure in a well secured brick building in Sindiru village.

The women and the girls are not travelling long distancse to fetch water. The grinding machine not only makes it easy for the women to grind corn but it has become an income generating project for the people of Sindiru village for the first time in the history of the village.

When I came back to Australia after just a month, Christine and I are blessed with a baby boy - Jacob. It has been an exciting year for the people of Sindiru village, Ausudan, Nuhra community and my family. I would like to whole heartedly thank all of you for your prayers and support. Without this, all we have achieved this year would not have been possible. As we look toward our ultimate project - building the primary school, I hope you will continue to support us.

Many thanks,
James Wani.




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