My Story

I am a South Sudanese migrant now an Australian citizen. During my childhood in South Sudan, I experienced horrors and chaos in the hands of Sudan Armed forces. Armed soldiers raided my village to burn fields, steal cattle, and kidnap children only to be enslaved in Northern Sudan. Government war planes dropped bombs down onto homes, hospitals and schools. These circumstances forced my family and many other families to flee to Kitgum district in Uganda in 1990. We walked for days over landmines, through rivers full of crocodiles and thick equatorial forest. After two months in Kitgum camp, we were attacked by Ugandan rebels called the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Many people were killed and others abducted. These circumstances, forced the United Nation High Commissoner for Refugees (UNHCR) to transfer us and the remaining refugees to Masindi district Uganda.
In the refugees Camp, life was very difficult. There was scarcity of clean water, there was only one grinding mill for over twelve thousand refugees, and there was no primary school. We were given food rations by UNHCR which often not enough. We had to toil to supplement the food rations. We used to grown corns, sorghum and sesame. It was a huge struggle just to live.
While in the refugee camp, I started my primary education.  We had no classrooms, so we used to study under the trees until UNHCR built a primary school in 1994. There were classrooms and children of all ages trying to learn. It was very crowded and we were always hungry. In spite of all these odds, I completed my primary education and made it to secondary school and University with the help of scholarships from UNHCR.
In 1999, my cousin brother Denis and I lodged an application with UNHCR for a humanitarian settlement to Australia. In 2004, our application was granted and we arrived in Perth, Australia on the 10 February 2005. In Australia, I continued with my studies and now hold a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Commerce, both from Curtin University of Technology. I am currently work as Assistant Finance Officer to a not for profit organisation called Armadale Home Help.

It has been the dream of myself and my cousin brother Denis to help our parents and families whom we have left behind. I hope and pray that you will lend support to our dream.








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